Intensity vs Consistency

I have lived most of my adult life with intensity. I love intensity it's easy to measure I can see the results and see I am making progress quickly.The idea that I see something in my life I want to change or improve, I work very very hard with maximum effort to get to that point as fast as possible. But there has always been a component missing. And that is that intensity is great to wake us up, get us back in a course or point us in a new direction. But change and growth are not about intensity at all, it's about consistency, and that for me has been that hard part. Because every great change in life is not about how fast you can change but how long that change lasts and if it can become part of who you are. I can't get into shape by going to the gym for 9 hours. But I know for sure I will get into shape if I workout 20 minutes each day. But if I work out the first day what change do I see, nothing. And the second day, nothing. And that is what is so hard about consistency, I can't tell you when I will get into shape but I know I will at some point. And once I get into shape in order to stay in shape I have to keep working out each day. Life is the same. It's not the big changes we make that help us really change but the little seemingly meaningless ones we do each day with a consistency that makes the real difference. But the challenge is it's so hard to see the changes at first. It's not until some point in the future we look back and say I am a better person because of each one of those small individual choices. Which in themselves don't mean a lot, that actually makes all the difference to real lifelong change. So as much as I love the intensity, I need to strive each day to live with consistency and that is where I will truly find the lasting and meaningful change in my life.

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