Out with the old?

So after the bridal show this past weekend, and after we had unpacked everything. I began to put some of the large prints of the property we had taken to the show back on the wall.And something struck me; I had printed a few new ones as well. As much as I appreciated the older photos, still every bit as good as the ones I was now putting up, I didn't consider the older photos to be any less quality or lack of skill I had in taking them. But I couldn't bring myself to use the older photos. And it got me thinking. In art, or maybe in life. Is there something in human nature, that as good as something may be, perhaps we always will at some point seek the new? Maybe this feeling is temporary, maybe one day after the original photos have been up I can pull out the old ones and again look at them in a new light. But for now, as the saying goes "out with the old in with the new." My question is why do we do this, or maybe it's just me? Is it art specific or are we humans taking things for granted? Not valuing what we have now? Does time ware on the old, even if the old is every bit as good or maybe better in ways. But yet we are still drawn to the new?

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