Practice being the last to speak

Listening and being patient, some of my biggest goals to improve on a daily basis, but also the most difficult and unnatural things for me to do.I don't just mean listening and then talking, but being the last to speak. And understanding that everyone sees the world in a different way and that's ok. Too many times I will go into a situation and say here is the problem here is what I think but I want to know your opinion. But its too late. The ability to hold my thoughts and opinions to myself its what I want to strive for. It helps others feel and be assured that they have been heard. It helps others feel they are contributing, and not that they are being told this is the way I think you should think or what you should do. Most of all truly listening is the best way to help others. In fact its the only way. To just be there. The skill is really at its core to keep your opinions to yourself. Simply to sit there to be there and to take it all in. The only thing I should be doing is asking questions, so I can understand what they mean and why they have the thoughts and opinions that they have. I must do my best to understand WHERE someone is speaking from, and why they have the opinions they have, not just what someone is saying. And in the end, I will get my turn. It sounds easy, it's not. Practice being the last to speak.

UncategorizedLee Mann