Tree of life Lessons

The #sun rises on a new day as I stand under one of the largest and oldest trees in the forest. Hundreds of years old, over 7 feet wide at the base and spanning generations of time. I think of the challenges this tree has endured throughout its life, strong winds, thunderstorms, drought, snowstorms and floods among so many other things. Year after year through good growing years and bad, some even channelling its very survival. However, with each of those challenges, it pushes its roots deeper, strengthens itself and day by day becomes stronger and a better version of itself for whatever the future holds. In turn, it not only helps itself but begins to help those trees around it, protecting other trees nearby from the elements and allowing them to grow and thrive. Today I take this reminder to heart and am thankful for the challenges in life that allow me to become a better person for myself and others. #nature #landscape #photography #forestgiant #treeoflifelessons #komoka #ldnont #ontario

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