Walking in circles

Tonight I took a walk in an area of the forest here at Fernwood Hills that I don't often go. The trees and the landscape unfamiliar to me.As the sun set and it started to get darker I began to realize I had no idea which direction I was going in. Up for a challenge I decided to find my way out without the use of my phone. I was convinced I was heading in the right direction but after several minutes of walking, I had to admit I was lost as to the direction I was heading. Not only was I lost but I was convinced for a time I knew where I was going but I was so busy looking down at the steps I was taking in front of me, proud that I was moving forward. I didn't see this and I was mostly walking in circles, convinced I was walking in a straight line. As it began to get quite dark I finally had to admit I needed some direction or at least a compass bearing. I pulled out my phone and to my surprise, I wasn't even on my property anymore and many acres in the wrong direction to which I thought I was going. With the help of my phone, I began to walk back trying not to run into trees as I went using the light of the phone to guide me. Feeling much more purpose in each step that I took to get back. As I walked back now with a clear direction I began to think this is often how we walk around in life. I walk each day taking another step forward but often times without a clear purpose or direction for my life. But I am proud I am taking another step each day even if those steps are to any clear destination. But after a while, we were to see we just may be walking in circles. It's not until we have a vision of the future we want to see and a clear direction and purpose in our lives that we can see that our steps in life are really worth taking. Otherwise, we may just be walking in circles.

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