What makes a successful idea?

I often used to think that there were many factors in the mix to know if a new startup or business would be a success or not. And often I thought it would be very hard to tell if a business I or anyone else created would work.But I have come to believe there are really only two 1. Is what you're doing really solving a problem for people, or significantly improving peoples lives. ie Are you really helping people or just doing something someone else is already doing. 2. Working every day to make that happen, to imposing yourself and improving your business. Learning more, Working and not giving up not holding back. Do you put one foot in front of the next each day to put in the hard work? The harder you work at it and the bigger the problem you are solving for people the more successful your business will be. I believe its as simple (and as hard) as that.

UncategorizedLee Mann