A Bees Life

On a nice sunny and warm afternoon, with the promise of spring upon us, I made a sad discovery. I headed out to check on the last surviving beehive after around forty hives being decimated last fall by pesticides.Five hives went into winter and one by one they all died, today the last one also ended up with the same fate. Two years of work and progress and I am starting again. I was frustrated for a few moments, but then the familiar saying I have been playing over and over in my head. It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Epictetus Though I may be starting again physically with new bees, I didn't for a moment think of giving up. I have learned lots and enjoyed the process, and I am mentally much further ahead then when I started. Failure only teaches me where I need to improve and how I need to grow. If we fall in love with the process, the journey, it matters much less about the ups and downs along the way. Even in death the bees still teach me more about life.

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