AI vs Us

Something that has been on my mind the last couple days. We are all worried about automation and AI taking away jobs. However, none of us seem to be that worried about extension of life.The fact that extending life and working-age life by even one or two years could wipeout severely impact job availability a lot more than robots. Now imagine us extending working-age by 5 or 10 years. We are getting just as good as extending life especially working-age life well past "retirement" as we are at making robots with AI and humans can fill any role without too much programming. With more people able to work for longer should we not be more worried about younger people finding jobs as a result or the older workforce staying in jobs longer? If you currently are a coder or use technology or computers heavily. What age do you need to "retire", could we have 90-year-old coders now? Sure! Robots, AI and age extension, will all play huge parts in a massive shift in how we think about work, out jobs, and retirement. But we seem to forget sometimes that the value of extending life also comes with significant changes too.

UncategorizedLee Mann