Exercise is all in our heads

Exercise is all in our heads.It's often easy for us to see and to be inspired by physical transformations in ourselves and others. They are easy to see. Mental transformations, however, are hard to imagine and often are not noticeable at first glance. Like getting physically fit they take time but even still the results more are hidden. Even when we notice a difference in someone who has grown mentally we can be quick to assume the person before you have always been that way. That indeed has not been the case for me. We need to really value our mental exercise daily. We can clearly see when someone loses those extra pounds or builds muscle or runs a faster time. But it's not so easy to look at the moments we make better choices when we overcome moments of anxiety or depression when we push through self-dought or fears holding us back, or just begin to believe in ourselves again. Those moments take more time to see the changes in others and ourselves. We need to encourage and value the metal fitness as much as the physical. I am the person you see before you, but I wish you could see the person I was even six months ago. I may look similar, but I feel like someone entirely different, but you might not know it for looking.

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