Facing Our Fears

I often talk about facing fear or pushing past our fears, well today I encountered another one of my fears. One that I have faced often and have yet to be able to fully overcome. Last week I had a detailed blood test done as part of my plasma donations, that is done every 4 months to ensure the plasma is of the highest quality and the donors healthy. Turns out I have some elevated proteins that require further testing and for the moment prevent me from donating plasma or blood until the tests are completed and the results are back. And so once again I face the fear of what may be wrong or what the results of this process may be.

I have begun to see that that road only leads to negative outcomes regardless of the outcome of the test results. The doctors tell me that 95% of these tests turn out normal. But that 5% looms large for me. It is a good chance to exercise one of the phrases that have become ingrained in my head over the last several months. I can not control what happens to me, only my reaction to it. Little by little I am learning to take the information and leave it at that. There is nothing I can do until the results come back even though all I want to do is research and learn and send me further down the road of what if. However, the feeling of fear can be used to our advantage to see which areas in our lives we need to work on or improve, to try something new or learn more. Our fears can bring things to our attention that need work.

We can not live without fear feeling any fear, and it is still a struggle, and one I fight. To fight the fears that hold us captive occupy our minds and prevent us from fully living.

All that we want in life is on the flipside of fear.

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