I haven't been a very good friend

I have a confession to make. I haven't been a very good friend.For the last several years the time spent here on Facebook and other social media, I have rarely if ever interacted in the news feed or to most of the posts from others here on Facebook. I would post my content and leave it at that. I have tried to publish or create content that people would enjoy or find value in, but I have been doing very little interacting. For the most part, I have not seen what many of my Facebook friends have been up to for a long time, and until recently I had unfollowed nearly all of my Facebook friends on here in favor or seeing mostly what brands or pages had to say (yes I now follow everyone again!). I would ask questions of you and often never even engage after you had taken the time to provide valuable or insightful comments, even to say thank you. In short, my Facebook and social media experience had become all about me. What could I get out of it, rather than what can I give to others? I know there are many negatives to our social media experience, constant comparison and seeing negative stories at every turn, but I think there can also be an opportunity for good. I also know a lot of us are Friends only by name and some of you may not even remember how we first connected. But I still want to try and bring value to our interactions. I love asking questions and hearing what others have to say, but I want to dig deeper and bring real value to others. The real value of friends here is not the number I have but the value I bring to others. Even our online-only connections. Like anything in life, it is what we make it. Well as of late I am trying to become a better version of myself, in general, that also includes how I interact here as well, one that interacts and cares about what others have to say, to try and encourage, be more open and real. To share value and gain perspective and knowledge from others. The more I have looked to more I see I can learn something from everyone. So going forward I want to try to bring more and better value to others in ways that I feel I can, to spread ideas and encourage positivity and to use this community and connection as an opportunity for creating real and meaningful impact. Online and offline it's the real connections that count.

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