Sharing the Good

As I was scrolling the news on my phone this morning a simple but powerful thought crossed my mind. With the rise global media and social media, we are exposed to more negativity and unhealthy comparison in ONE day than we did in a lifetime even just a few years ago. Is it any wonder we are more insecure, depressed and feel a negative outlook towards humanity?Which also leads us to an opportunity, one that the very same exposure and connectivity to share good, massive inspiration, create purpose and fulfilment in life. The more I look outside the confines of media stories and social media, and I find far more good in the world when I stop just consuming and actively seek out good, often hidden in plain sight. Even though sharing negativity or gossip can be contagious, I believe inspiring others and sharing that inspiration is one of the powerful forces for good that we possess. Inspire others, share the good.

UncategorizedLee Mann