Should we, unlike likes?

Should we, unlike likes?In a recent podcast interview I asked the question if we had no metrics on social media, no way of knowing if even one person liked, commented or even viewed our content, would we still share. If we could view Youtube content and never know if we are the only person ever to watch a video. Share a photo and never know who sees it. No followers, or post a saying or quote and never know who it may have inspired. The things in life we do for us because we have a passion for doing them because we solely find joy and fulfillment, regardless of the outcome. Those are the things we should be spending our time doing, irrespective of the impact on others. The interesting thing is that often the things we do for ourselves, not in a selfish way but just because they bring us purpose a fulfilment, are often the things that impact others the most. I believe we are a better world when we help others, give back and our selfless. When we do things that impact and inspire others to do the same. True impact is tough to measure for others unless they expressly tell us. Maybe a better measurement of the things we post and share is the impact it has on ourselves. Would you share content if you had no metrics? Would you even watch a Youtube video that had no view count?

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