The future, of Maple Syrup

As I look out the window watching the steam billowing from the evaporator. A thought struck me. When we think of maple syrup what do we think of? What am I making it for? Pancakes.However, I think that in the near future we may start to think of maple syrup, not just for breakfast but as a product we use on a daily bases in cooking and baking worldwide. A replacement for refined granulated sugar. And with that thought, I realized those of us that produce maple syrup, and honey for that matter as well. Have the ability to effectively begin to heal the world. Or help us to kick our sugar habit a little. But the first steps are getting us to think of maple syrup and honey not just as products we use to top our pancakes, french toast, and waffles and something that has the ability to radically alter the course of how we interact with sugars in cooking or baking. As someone who has avoided refined sugars for nearly 2 1/2 years, it has been important to me to have options available that use more natural sugars. This is not in any way a new thought, but it still may not be one that is common. Opportunity in the obvious maybe, but just takes a little bit of thinking differently. If anyone out there using maple syrup in cooking or baking I would love to hear some ways in which you use it!

UncategorizedLee Mann