The Power To Change

I feel like I can be better each day, I feel I have the ability to change and adapt regardless of the thoughts or actions or failures of the past.I am sure that most of us feel that the world could be a better place, that there are things in the world or in our daily lives that could be improved or that we collectively need to work on. Why aren't we doing them? We so often know exactly what it is we want to fix, but yet we don't do it. Everyone has a passion to make a difference somewhere, even if the smallest way. What is holding you back? If we feel the world needs improvement, who else is going to do it? What are we scared of? The challenges we are going to face as a human race in the next decade or two are nearly insurmountable if we don't act. Education, automation, AI an ever increasingly connected world, information that is almost limitless but not being used to its potential. What are our goals as a human race, the tree in the distance the things we are reaching for and the significant problems we want to solve? Thinking small or feeling we can't make a difference is the start of failure and being unprepared for the future we are about to live in. Now more than ever each of us has the power to impact and change the world, but most of the time we think we have nothing to offer or that its a job for someone else. But guess what the biggest challenges we are going to face aren't going to be solved by the few because they are problems with our individual mindsets how we think of the world and of each other. The problems we face will only be able to be solved when we all begin to change how we think about our world and our impact on it. We all have the power to change, and we all have the power to change the world.

UncategorizedLee Mann