The questioning the questions

The questioning the questionsFor most of my life, I have questioned everything, the way we do things, how something could be improved, always believing nearly everything can be better. Everything except myself and my way thinking, I often had a hard time with that. And that is where the fatal flaw in questioning everything lies. It can be easy to ask how other ideas can be improved, but I can be scary to allow own thoughts and opinions to be questioned. I am not talking about walking around always being skeptical but rather on a constant quest for growth. Questioning everything allows us to see opportunity at every turn. Asking questions is the surest way to generate new ideas, gain inspiration and fresh perspective, to change the world for the better. But in doing so, I must be willing also to allow myself and my ideas to be called into question each day as well. To look inward and see how I can be open to self-improvement and becoming a better version of myself. To question my ideas and to allow others to do the same. The the most influential and impactful thought leaders in the world. Those that make progress and successful in what they do, are the ones that ask questions, but also are not scared to have open conversations about how their ideas may be improved on or changed as well. Their goals are to improve, change and grow together and not about who is right or who gets the credit. The real value comes not from having all the right answers but in asking the right questions. Even when those are questions we need to ask ourselves.

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