The Student and the Teacher, we are all both.

I have become passionate as of late of a new thought for me, one for learning, for changing the way we think about education. To reshape the landscape of how we look at schooling and new ways to teach and share with others.One where we all have something to learn and all have something to teach. Where we can take our passions for almost anything, we can put our mind to and become an expert. Not only share what we know but learn to be better together. We all learn differently, yet we teach and test every person as if we were all exactly the same. Most of us fail or lack passion in our lives for what we do because we are trying to copy others not realizing everyone has a different test. We are learning a lot at schools and at the same time learning very little about ourselves. Because at school you get the lesson first and the test after, but in life, we get the test first and then the lesson. What have we really learned? The real tests we will face are ones that may be found in classrooms but never taught. Tell me, when was the last time you were taught about rejection, dealing with failure, having to start over, or having things not go our way? We need to learn how to live a life well rather than just how to make a living. We need to learn how to exercise empathy and how to interact with others. We need to learn that there are other perspectives and not just one right way. We all have different skillsets and abilities and we need to start to see, that each one of us has the power to help others learn what they can be. Maybe it's time we rethink the way we think. To be a lifelong learner about life. What are some things that we should learn in school that are never taught? What is something you could teach someone right now? What would you like to learn? We can all be students, and we can all be a teacher.

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