What is the most important thing our lives?

What is the most important thing our lives? What defines who we are? Sometimes we may think that we are our job, we are the manager, the entrepreneur we are the salesperson or the CEO. We make our business or our career the most important thing or tie it to our identity, that is not the point. What is the most important thing in life?Our personal growth and having a growth mindset. We get up each day to go to work, we think we are all those things we think we are the title we are given or give ourselves, and we think that is what defines us, but as humans, that is not how we are biologically wired to think. Those times we help someone, go on a trip, discover a new place, when we first fall in love or when we meet new or interesting people when we try something for the first time. These are the moments where we are designed to thrive in. You can be the owner of one of largest companies on earth, have the most money, have "success", that is not the most important thing in life. The most important thing is your growth, success is progress, how we are evolving as a person. For without this at our core we are lost to help others, we are lost in our relationships we are lost in the world. We can only help after we first help ourselves and can only help others grow if we are also growing. Everything else is nothing more than a way to help you achieve personal growth. Build a company not for building the company but to help us grow and learn, fail at a business that's ok if we are growing, our families, kids, partners or relationships, are all the best ways to help us grow personally. This is what we need to teach more of in schools, to remember who we really are, we are not a title, we are a human being, not a human doing, we are designed to thrive in a growth mindset and to feel most fulfilled in personal growth. The most important thing to me is how much I am growing each day.

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